About Just Mean BBQ

Since the beginning of time man has cooked food with wood, smoke and fire…… I’ve begun my journey 15 years ago pursuing the wonders of smoked meats. Real barbecue taste comes from mastering the art of slow-cooking meat at a low temperature for a long time, using wood smoke to add flavor. As a Chef, food has always been my life even as a little child I was always in my mom’s way in the kitchen.

I started with my little Weber grill cooking for my family and from there it just became a passion of mine. I’ve learned from many different people all over the world from the Middle East to South America and the Southern United States.

After doing this for years for others I decided to open my food trailer and named it Just Mean BBQ because that’s all I wanted to do was just BBQ. I learned something new every day so it’s always changing and getting better adding to my BBQ sauces and rubs fine tuning them with select spices from all over the world. So if you want some great BBQ come see us in WNY.

4th of July Menu

BBQ Pork Ribs.....$17 per person w/ Cowboy Beans & Mac Salad

Smoked Pulled Pork.....$19 lb w/ Rolls & Mac Salad

Smoked Beef Brisket.....$23 lb w/ Rolls & Mac Salad

BBQ Chicken Leg Quarters.....$9 per person w/ Cowboy Beans & Mac Salad

Please place orders at least 1 Day in advance

Top Place Order Please Call (716)952-9204

Where to find us!

Valvo's Candies

You can find us this Saturday's at Valvo's Candies parking lot from 12-till we run out of food.

Music on the Pieer

Join us for music on the pier every Thursday night 6 to 8:30pm in dunkirk.

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What to Eat!


Slab Ribs - dry rubbed, smoked and basted with Just Mean BBQ sauce. Served ¼ slab with bread and baked beans. $10
Pulled Pork Sandwich – Smoked for a minimum of 5hours, pulled and pilled high on a potato roll, with our homemade BBQ sauce on the side and baked beans $7
Just Mean Wrap – Juicy slow smoked pulled pork with Just Mean BBQ sauce, red rice and beans in a flour tortilla. $7


Beef Brisket Sandwich – Slow smoked for 12 hours, sliced and stacked on a kaiser roll with bake beans on the side. $10
Cheeseburger – 100% sirloin grilled to perfection and served with lettuce, tomato and onion on a potato bun. $5
Just Mean Brisket Taco – (2) Warm soft shell tacos, shredded brisket, onion jam and habanero BBQ sauce. $9


Leg Quarters – Seasoned and smoked then lightly dipped in Just Mean BBQ sauce served with bread. $4